About Us

All profits from these products will go towards someone's education. As we all know, education isn't getting any cheaper. Even I sometimes wonder if it's all worth it, as I work towards my Master's in Mechanical Engineering. I spend more time worrying about how I am going to pay for college, than actually studying for college. Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have the means to afford a full education. But that shouldn't deter people from pursuing their dreams. I encourage any, and everyone, to not let anything hold you back. I have learned that people are more disappointed by the things they didn't do, than by the things they did do. Don't let the flame die out!

The goal of D&J Unlimited llc is the raise funds for students' education. I will ask the students to write appreciation letters to everyone who purchase from D&Js. Every customer will know that they are investing in a child's future. I pledge to ONLY use the profits to help fund someone's education. Thank you everyone! 

I am a mechanical engineering student. I love my major. I can't imagine studying anything else. BUT MAN are there some struggles! We all work very hard for our goals, no matter what it is.

Am I missing anyone? Message me and I'll make a shirt for you. I might be already working on that design. I am always thinking of new t-shirt designs, so keep in touch because there is more to come! 

Also if you see #CookOut in my blogs, it's because my last name is Cook and that just makes so much sense to me.

This doesn't have to be the end of our line of communication. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns DO NOT hesitate to contact the email listed, or simply use the "message us" button. Don't miss out on any deals, stay updated with D&Js!